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A Murder Yule Regret by Winnie Archer-Review

About the Book

Freelance photographer and Yeast of Eden bakery assistant Ivy Culpepper has just scored the job of a lifetime shooting the Dickensian dress-up X-mas party thrown by It Girl film actress Eliza Fox . . . until an unwanted guest appears.
A holiday costume party in the sleepy coastal town of Santa Sofia could be just the boost Ivy needs for her fledgling photography business. At the party, Ivy enters a Victorian fantasy come to life, all courtesy of the fabulous Ms. Fox. Ivy gets to play shutterbug while hanging with Scrooge, Marley, the Cratchits, and more classic Dickens characters.  But what begins as the best of times turns out to be the very worst for one of the party guests—a tabloid journalist with more enemies than Ebenezer himself.
When the man’s body is found sprawled across the jagged rocks below the house, the fingers begin pointing at Eliza. Meanwhile, Ivy gets roped into helping prove the starlet’s innocence. Her festive photos are now official evidence—and the Ghosts of Christmas Present could mean the party for Eliza is over, once and for all.

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My Thoughts

A Murder Yule Regret is the seventh book in the A Bread Shop Mystery series and also my first read in this series.
I enjoyed the descriptions of the different types of bread baking in this book and how it was made. It made me hungry for delicious fresh, hot bread with butter melted on it.
Santa Sofia bakery, Yeast of Eden is overflowing with business even off peak. Bakery assistant Ivy Culpepper may be up to her elbows in dough early every a.m. but she’s got a wonderful chance to get her startup photography business off the ground as the photographer shooting the Dickensian dress-up X-mas party thrown by It Girl film actress Eliza Fox.
I enjoyed the characters, and we get an in-depth backstory for some of them here which really explains their behavior. One character I was completely off the mark with my thinking, they surely took me by surprise.
When some of Ivy’s photographs may contain photographic evidence in a murder, she and her Pug are in feet first sleuthing.
Fast paced with red herrings thrown in, I was surprised how this turned out and just did not see this ending playing out as a possibility.
I enjoyed the plot and will be reading more of this series.
Delicious recipes included to try.

Pub Date 30 Nov 2021
I was given a complimentary copy of this book.
All opinions expressed are my own.

About The Author

The indefatigable Winnie Archer is a former middle school teacher and now full time writer. Born in a beach town in California, she now lives in an inspiring lake house in North Carolina where she practices yoga, hikes, and loves on her 3 rescue dogs. She fantasizes about spending summers writing in quaint, cozy locales, has a love/hate relationship with both yoga and chocolate, adores pumpkin spice lattes, is devoted to her five kids and husband, and can’t believe she’s lucky enough to be living the life of her dreams.

Winnie Archer is the pseudonym for national bestselling author Melissa Bourbon. Learn more at

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3 thoughts on “A Murder Yule Regret by Winnie Archer-Review

    1. It was a great read and I will admit to enjoying the Pug character, so cute. I have the latest one from NetGalley and hope to get to it soon. The bread bakery was a great place for it to take place. I’ve read stories of teashops, cake bakeries and ice cream shops but never a bread bakery plus I really enjoyed the bread baking descriptions. Fresh bread anyone? Lol

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